Travel Hacking: An Introduction

Travel Hacking [verb] The act of using cunning techniques, skilled searches, a collection of travel points and rewards, and jedi mind tricks to travel for less.

Travel can be out-right insanely expensive, making most of us feel like we don’t have a way to do it, or to do it well. But, the truth of the matter is that we can all travel for much less than we think with a little bit of travel hacking. I learned from some of the best, and am excited to pass this information on to you! Want to travel without breaking the bank? Budget travel isn’t just for the lucky few. Read on.

What is travel hacking?

Simply put, I define “travel hacking” as a particular set of skills: knowing how to search well, collect points, maximize rewards programs, utilize local deals, work with credit cards, and so much more. It’s a bit of a science and an art. It takes some boldness, creativity, and organization. But you can do it!

How do I start travel hacking?

I’ll write a series of posts over the next weeks and months that teach you how to do this in detail. Right now, it’s time to start dreaming. Where do you want to go? Do you have a dream vacation destination, or a hotel where you’ve always wanted to stay? Do you want to save on short-term trips, luxury vacations, or long-term travel? Start thinking about your travel goals – the little bits of excitement and motivation that will push you through as you start using these tips and tricks. They will lead to something great.

Stay tuned. The first post is on its way!

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