The Chocolate Continuum

The Chocolate Continuum

This winter, through careful study and observation, I’ve been able to identify one of nature’s great phenomena. Homo sapiens have always known about it, intuitively, but this may be the first time it’s been given a name (and a nifty visual).

Behold! I call this phenomenon: The Chocolate Continuum

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London Day 3: Neon Lights and the VA

God's Own Junkyard: Heavenly Junk in a Hell of a Location

On the third and final day of our trip to London, we did two things worth mentioning here: had coffee at a fascinating cafe, and visited the Victoria and Albert Museum.

God’s Own Junkyard

First off, my cousin and his wife took us on a walk. We walked a long way and finally turned into a back alley where I was pretty sure we were going to get mugged.

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Eight Things I Learned in Yorkshire

Welcome to Yorkshire

Coming from Dallas, I’ve noticed that they do a few things differently here in Yorkshire, England.

One of the best things about traveling is experiencing a different culture and learning a few things about the history and people who live there. We’ve been here almost a month, so I thought it was a good time to reflect on what we’ve learned:

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Breakout Manchester

Breakout Manchester dot com

When I was younger, I – like many boys – went through a phase where I wanted to be a spy. I watched all of the Bond movies. (At the time there were only 17. We lived close to a video rental store. My summers were uneventful.) I played the video games. I read the novels. My brother and I even made some very exciting home videos of us doing James Bond-y things. Thankfully these have been lost or destroyed.

Obviously, my life took a different path, and I’m not a secret agent*. I mourned this fact until Tuesday, when Katy and I tried our hand at Breakout Manchester. I had a ton of fun… but it was humbling. I am not cut out to be a spy.

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