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We’re Albert and Katy: two ordinary people seeking an extraordinary life. After endless job searches and unemployment, we were living the “comfortable” work 9-to-5, save for retirement, make a five year plan kind of life in Dallas, TX. But, while it was comfortable – it was totally unsatisfying. We were meant for something bigger.

So. We’re packing up, selling our stuff, and hopping on a plane. Here is our journey to live an unconventional life, experience different people and perspectives, and get out of that too-comfortable zone. We’re crazy. Deal with it.

our story:

Our story is simple: we met at Newman Smith High School as incoming freshman in 2001. We started dating June of 2002: Katy was 14, and Albert was 15. We fell in love, ventured our way through high school, college, and growing up together, and got married in January of 2009. 6 years and counting!

Albert speaks French, and works in translation and customer service. He loves a good espresso, baguettes, the French language, penguins, playing guitar, bicycles, The Beatles, and Katy’s beautiful red hair.

Katy works as a social media specialist and graphic designer, and owns and operates an Etsy shop, Sushi & Queso Designs. She loves the arts, Starbucks coffee, small fuzzy animals, chocolate, the color teal, pretty things, and Albert’s quirky British sense of humor.

Together they love music, good books, and endless adventure.

what to expect from our blog:

The short answer: who knows! The long answer: We plan to write about our travels, our experiences, and the way they are changing and shaping us. We’ll share awesome photos we take along the way, and lessons we learn. We’ll also teach you a little bit about how we are making the “digital nomad” lifestyle work – with our jobs, our packing lists, our lifestyle, our budgets, and Katy’s brilliant travel-hacking schemes that allow us to fly and stay in many places for free.

Want something specific on the blog? Contact us! Maybe we’ll write about it for you.