A Quick Trip to Liverpool

We’ve already taken care of you music lovers by writing about all of the Beatles-related things we did in Liverpool, but we would hate to leave all you foodies and bargain-hunters hanging. So here are a few more particulars of our 2-day Liverpool trip.

Firstly, you should know that we planned this trip on the spur of the moment. We decided Saturday afternoon that we wanted to leave on Monday, and started planning from there.

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Travel Hacking: Juggling Multiple Credit Cards

In my most recent posts, I’ve talked about using credit cards to earn miles and points for travel, and have looked at a comprehensive list of the offers out there. Now comes the next step in the equation: juggling multiple credit cards.

After you’ve signed up for a credit card, and have spent and earned the proper bonus, it’s time to move on to a new card. If you’re looking to gain maximum points and miles for your spending, continuing to spend on a single card after the bonus is over won’t provide you with much. Juggling multiple cards, though, is not an easy feat, and is one that takes lots of precision and follow-up. Without it, you can find yourself drowning in too many cards, or in renewal fees up to your eyeballs (yikes!).

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Our Beatles Pilgrimage

Black and White photo of the Beatles

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday of this week going to Liverpool (one of the perks of giving up my 9-to-5 job!). Tourist-wise, it was a great time to go and see everything Beatles-y that the city has to offer, because it wasn’t too busy! That might have something to do with the weather in Liverpool in February – Tuesday greeted us with 55-mph wind gusts and a 26-degree wind chill.

Let me step back for a moment and try to explain how special this journey was for me (Albert):

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