The Chocolate Continuum

The Chocolate Continuum

This winter, through careful study and observation, I’ve been able to identify one of nature’s great phenomena. Homo sapiens have always known about it, intuitively, but this may be the first time it’s been given a name (and a nifty visual).

Behold! I call this phenomenon: The Chocolate Continuum

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London Day 3: Neon Lights and the VA

God's Own Junkyard: Heavenly Junk in a Hell of a Location

On the third and final day of our trip to London, we did two things worth mentioning here: had coffee at a fascinating cafe, and visited the Victoria and Albert Museum.

God’s Own Junkyard

First off, my cousin and his wife took us on a walk. We walked a long way and finally turned into a back alley where I was pretty sure we were going to get mugged.

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London Day 2: Bus Tour

Tower Bridge London

For our second day in London, we only had a few hours in the afternoon to get around. We were feeling a little overwhelmed (TripAdvisor lists at least 945 things to do in London), and were having trouble deciding between several different options of how to spend the afternoon. The Tower of London? Piccadilly Circus? Buckingham Palace? Maybe they have the equivalent of New York’s Naked Cowboy somewhere? What would that even be? A naked Beefeater? Ew. I digress.

So we decided to see it all on a double-decker bus tour. We took a two-and-a-half hour route that zig-zagged all along the Thames and hit pretty much every sight and street I could think of (and lots more I never would have thought of). Many of the photos were too blurry to use, but I’ve included the best photos that did turn out below:

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Travel Hacking: A Comprehensive List of Travel Credit Cards

There are dozens of travel credit cards out there. With all of the options, decision making can get a bit overwhelming! Which card do I choose? How do I know which card is right for me?

This list is here to help. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of current travel credit cards and what sign-up bonuses they offer (this list will be updated regularly). As you browse through the options, think realistically about a few things:

Am I willing to pay all credit card bills on time? Am I comfortable calling to cancel the card when the time comes?

What type of reward am I looking for? Flights? Hotels? Something else?

How much can I spend in the allotted time, without overspending or spending unnecessarily?

Am I willing to pay an annual fee in exchange for more points, or do I want all annual fees waived?

Note that these offers are limited, and my vary depending on your credit score and eligibility. I’ve highlighted my favorite offers below in red.

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London Day 1: The Globe Theatre

Globe - Thatched Roof

After being in the UK for an entire month, Katy and I finally got tired of waiting for the Queen to invite us down to London to take some tea with her.

We took matters into our own hands, and instead got to stay with a cousin of mine who lives near the city (a much warmer welcome, thank you very much). I had been a few times before, but it was Katy’s first time. Here’s what we saw on the first day:

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Travel Hacking: Credit Cards, Points, & Miles

One of the best and easiest ways to travel for next to nothing is by using credit cards to collect reward points and miles – or, more specifically – to sign up for a new credit card that’s offering a terrific sign-up bonus to collect a lump sum of reward points. Sound simple? Because it is!

This is the solid foundation behind our travel hacking. Because flights and hotels tend to be the most expensive part of travel, using credit cards is a great way to lower, and even waive, these costs. Sign-up bonuses are key here, as they provide far more points and miles than you could gain by spending over time. For example, let’s say you spend $20,000 a year on credit cards. Spending on a normal airline credit card without a sign-up bonus will earn you 20,000 miles. But by completing the steps below multiple times, with different cards, you can earn 20,000 miles in regular spending, plus another 300,000 miles in sign-up bonuses, for a total of 320,000 miles. Not to mention the free hotel nights, lounge access, and other perks that come with reward cards!

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Travel Hacking: An Introduction

Travel Hacking [verb] The act of using cunning techniques, skilled searches, a collection of travel points and rewards, and jedi mind tricks to travel for less.

Travel can be out-right insanely expensive, making most of us feel like we don’t have a way to do it, or to do it well. But, the truth of the matter is that we can all travel for much less than we think with a little bit of travel hacking. I learned from some of the best, and am excited to pass this information on to you! Want to travel without breaking the bank? Budget travel isn’t just for the lucky few. Read on.

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Eight Things I Learned in Yorkshire

Welcome to Yorkshire

Coming from Dallas, I’ve noticed that they do a few things differently here in Yorkshire, England.

One of the best things about traveling is experiencing a different culture and learning a few things about the history and people who live there. We’ve been here almost a month, so I thought it was a good time to reflect on what we’ve learned:

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